The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) has identified modern roundabout intersections as a proven life-saving roadway safety strategy.

- Over twenty people die at signalized intersections every day in the United States
- Roundabouts are between 7 times and 9 times safer than traffic lights for injury and fatal accidents
- Roundabouts reduce speed and have traffic calming effects, making it safer for horses, cyclists, pedestrians, and elderly

According to the FHA, installing a roundabout typically results in:

- 90% reduction in fatality accidents
- 76% reduction in injury accidents
- 40% reduction in pedestrian injuries
- 75% fewer conflict points compared to standard intersections

Potential Conflicts:

- Only 8 potential vehicle conflicts with roundabouts vs. 32 potential conflicts with traffic lights
- Only 8 potential pedestrian conflicts with roundabouts vs. 24 potential conflicts with traffic lights

Pedestrian, Bicycle and Equestrian Safety:

- Roundabouts move traffic at 18mph vs. 40mph+ with traffic lights
- Only 8 potential conflict points vs. 24 conflict points with traffic lights
- Refuges are provided in the areas within the splitter island

Traffic Lights are dangerous:

- Traffic lights encourage speeding
- Drivers speed up to get through yellow lights
- Traffic may enter Paseo Delicias at 50+ mph