Potential Widening of Via de la Valle and Paseo Delicias to Four Lanes

- In preparation for the 2020 General Plan, County staff recommended (view here) widening Via de la Valle, Paseo Delicas, and Del Dios to 4 lanes.
- The San Dieguito Area Planning Group succeeded in blocking those widening recommendations.
- Widening has already occurred at: Whispering Palms; Polo Point; Casa Palmera; Knorr Candle Factory; Cielo and Crosby.
- 4-lane widening has been approved from Via de la Valle from I5 to El Camino.
- 4-lane widening has been aprroved on El Camino between San Dieguito and Via de la Valle (Mary’s Tack Shop).
- A new 4-lane expansion is approved for Del Dios at Via Rancho Parkway.
- A former Traffic Committee chairman has noted, "All you need to do is connect the dots."

According to the Rancho Santa Fe Association Staff Report, additional traffic lights have been considered for:

- Linea de Cielo/Calzada del Bosque
- La Granada/Rambla de las Flores
- La Granada/San Elijo
- Via de Santa Fe/Via de la Valle

Roundabouts can protect us:

- Lights beget lights, and roundabouts beget roundabouts.
- Jim Ashcraft, Former Association Board President stated, “Roundabouts stop the four-lane effort so we can maintain our rural community.”
- Roundabouts will stop any future lane expansions.
- Roundabouts will stop additional traffic lights.
- Traffic lights open the door for future widening.
- Traffic lights will invite more traffic.